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Outline of the Institute

Principal Purposes of Institute

We carry out comprehensive scientific researches into the causes that damage our health and environment and try to contribute to us living in a healthy environment.

History of our Institute
1948 Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Public Health was established in 1948.
1965 Pollution Control Divisions was established in 1965 as a branch of Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Public Health.
1968 Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Environmental Science was established in 1968.
2002 The two institutes merged into one in 2002 as Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Sciences.
Risk Management Division

Risk management division carries out the clerical works of general affairs, budget and property management, and the coordination of research topics, training, and seminar. In the event of a health crisis, information services are provided and coordination between research divisions for crisis management is undertaken. It also carries out the administration of internal inspection undertaken by the food testing facility in Hyogo prefecture.

  • Planning and coordination
  • Crisis management
  • Quality assurance unit of GLP for food testing
  • Epidemiology and statistical research

Infectious disease research division carries out the microbiological studies for the infectious diseases and the epidemiological researches of the infected patients. Additionally, we elucidate the causative agents and infection routes by urgent administrative inspection, on occasion of the outbreak of a food poisoning or infectious disease, and the results are utilized for the later control of epidemic.

  • Experimental research of bacteria
  • Experimental research of virus
  • Infectious disease surveillance center
Life Science Division

Life science division carries out the examinations of foods, medical supplies, and drinking water to ensure safe and secure living in the prefecture. We examine the suitability for their specifications and standards based laws such as food sanitation law. We also examine radioactivity and pollen dispersion in atmosphere, and components in hot springs.

  • Food examination
  • Pharmaceutical examination
  • Drinking water examination
  • Other examinations
Address and Map
Hyogo Laboratory
Map 2-1-29,Arata-cho,Hyogo-ku,Kobe,652-0032,Japan